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Издателство „Архимед“

Geometry of complex numbers

Автори: Sava Grozdev, Risto Malcheski, Katerina Anevska

ISBN: 978-954-799-188-6

Година: 2015

Страници: 240

Вид: Книга

Цена (търговска): 30 лв.

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The present book is devoted to students of the last school grades, university students, teachers, lectures and all lovers of mathematics who want to enrich their knowledge and skills in complex numbers and their numerous applications in Euclidean Geometry.
The material in the book is divided into four chapters. The first one contains basic properties of the complex numbers, their algebraic notation, the notion of a conjugate complex number, geometric, trigonometric and exponential presentations, also interesting facts in connection with Reimann interpretation and the set Cn. The second chapter includes various transformations of complex numbers in the Euclidean plane like similarity, homothety, inversion and Mоbius transformation. The third chapter is dedicated to the geometry of circle and triangle on the base of complex numbers. Exercises and problems are included in the Fourth chapter: 122 examples with solutions and 161 solved problems pare proposed. Together with all the 138 theorems, lemmas and corollaries accompanied by 64 examples and 88 figures the book turns out to be a rather exhaustive collection of the complex number applications in Euclidean Geometry.