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Издателство „Архимед“

География и икономика за 9. клас на английски език

Автори: Марин Русев, Иван Дреновски, Гергана Иванова, Станислав Полименов, Станчо Генчев, Анатолий Антов, Юлия Кьосева

ISBN: 978-954-779-266-1

Година: 2018

Страници: 108

Вид: Учебник

Цена (търговска): 19 лв.

За поръчки на единични бройки можете да се обръщате към нашите партньори от и


The textbook offers an interesting look at the geography of the world, including full-color illustrations, photos, and maps.

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Our program is deeply aligned with the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education and Science


The earth system (initial review)
Geospheres and nature resource potential of the earth (control and evaluation lesson)
Social Geography

  • Political organisation of the society
  • Political map of the world
  • Quantity, distribution and population growth
  • Population structure
  • Demographic situation and demographic policy (practice lesson)
  • Settlements and urbanization
  • Political structure and demographic processes

Geography of the world economy

  • Essence and features of the contemporary economy
  • Primary sector – general characteristic
  • Crop-raising
  • Livestock breeding
  • Primary sector – problems and solutions (practice lesson)
  • Secondary sector – general characteristic. Energetics
  • Metallurgy, machinery construction and chemical industry
  • Light and food industry
  • Contemporary trends in the development of the secondary sector (practice lesson)
  • Tertiary sector. Economic relations
  • Transport and tourism
  • Economic relations, transport and tourism (practice lesson)
  • International organisations
  • Geography of the world economy (summary)
  • Sectors and branches of the world economy (control and evaluation lesson)

Regional geography of the world (continents, regions and countries)

  • Geographic regions of the world. Europe
  • Countries in Europe. Germany and France
  • Geographic characteristics of Russia (practice lesson)
  • Asia. Japan
  • Comparative characteristic of China and India (practice lesson)
  • North America. USA
  • South America. Brazil
  • Africa. Republic of South Africa (RSA)
  • Australia and Oceania. Commonwealth of Australia
  • Geographical characteristics of the country by choice (practice lesson)

Our knowledges and skills at the end of school year

  • Global and regional development of the world (annual review)
  • Population, economy and countries in the world (control and evaluation lesson)


Sources of information


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